Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Mad Tea Party.

I woke up from my nap today to find a sign posted on my dorm's door saying this:

"Girls.  Tea and cookies in the boathouse at 4:00."

YES. Best way to wake up from a nap, ever. Especially because I was just thinking how hungry I was, and that supper wasn't till 6. Perfect timing. 

So, I threw on a sweatshirt and headed down to the boathouse at the lake. Which, by the way, ironically houses no boats. And the lake is actually a pond. Or half a pond, really. The water is being taken over by some rapidly growing plants.  

I digress.

I arrived at the boathouse and grabbed myself some cookies and sat down for some girl time.  It was so cool to see 4 cultures come together, eat cookies, and talk about boys, of course. I love how all the kids here at Portantorchas would have never had the oppurtuinty to meet, and God brought us all together, here, in Costa Rica.  I now have friends from Canada, Germany, Austria, Texas, Maryland and Colorado.

And there we all sat, gabbing over our cookies, and I  realized.  I feel like this is my home.  Like I belong here, for this time in my life. I know for a fact that this was God brining me here, not random circumstances.
So many things fell into, they were placed where they needed to be, at exactly the right time.  God's hand is moving in my life, and I can't wait to see where he'll guide me next.

In other news, my spanish class is awesome.  For the first two days, we went to a medical clinic where we hosted "Kid's Games", which is exactly what it sounds like.  Millions of little ticos came and we played some crazy games. (P.S. Ticos = Costa Ricans)  The people here are all so beautiful. Honestly.  Just look at the pictures of some of the kids.

So kids.
I am loving it here more everyday.  But I still love you all at home.
Sammykins, I'm sorry Skype is stoopid. It will work next time.
Daddy, you need to get on skype so I can talk to you.  I miss you.
To anyone else reading this blog, I hope that you are surprised by God's love this week.
Peace and Blessings,

P.S. If you time, I strongly suggest you look up Jason Mraz's album, Homemade.  


  1. I love and miss you SO much Snavey Snave Snave! And I'm so happy to hear how God is moving in your life in Costa Rica! I'm so excited to hear about all of your friendships you're making.. it's redicky maaaan. Thanks for the shout out! AND I may or may not have teared up (with happiness of course)reading this bloggy blog.
    Love you Snavey Snave!

  2. Yeah, Maryland!! already HAVE a friend in Maryland!


    Have I mentiond how FREAKING EXCITED I am for you?? It has been so cool to hear about God working in your life! I love it. And I love you. =) I'm so glad you're finding so much joy in this new adventure!

  3. P.S. Thanks for putting up more pics like I alsked. ;)

    Love ya, sis!

  4. Kelsey:

    Sounds like you have been guided to the right place. Glad to hear all is going great and that you feel so welcomed in CR!!!

  5. I enjoy reading your blogs! It is exciting to see God working in your life. The pictures of the the kids are just precious! Blessings!